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reach your audience
through podcasting

What better, easier, more efficient way to share your message than through podcast? Share your heart, cast your vision, build awareness for your cause and tell stories that matter.

GiraffeLight Media can produce your audio and/or video podcast as well as distribute it across major podcast platforms like Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Audible, YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Amazon.

– Quality audio recording
– On site video recording with mobile optimization
– Strategic content planning
– Opening and closing sequences
– Podcast editing
– Scheduled episode drops
– Distribution across multiple podcasting platforms
– Marketing and paid promotions on social channels

Step one: Plan it

Let us help you plan your content in advance, schedule taping sessions for batch recordings, and plan release dates for episodes and advertising lead-ins.

Step two: Tape it

Record your podcast in our studio or on-site. We offer professional audio and video recording options and will professionally tape your sessions.

Step three: Share It

Let us edit your podcast and finish each episode so it can drop on scheduled release dates so you can share it with your audience proudly.